Geograph Industries is your one source for design and fabrication of Custom Trade Show Displays, Portable Displays, and Exhibit Displays for Conventions and Corporate Marketing Centers that give you an office away from the office feel. We offer a complete range of trade show displays and portable displays as well as Graphics, Banner Stands, Tabletop Displays, Pop-Up Displays, Truss Exhibits, Modular Panel Systems and Hanging Sign Designs. We partner with your marketing and design team to create the most compelling, innovative trade show display or portable display imaginable – or leave it to us to create the perfect exhibit display for your corporate brand standards and marketing initiatives.

Our 60,000 sq. ft. production facility provides everything we need to create world-class trade show displays and portable displays including metal fabrication, carpentry, electrical, Plexiglas, laminates, films, upholstery, and a variety of hardware.

We offer special event management and exhibit display services – coordinating the exhibit display so you can focus on marketing. Once complete, your trade show display is packed, shipped and assembled on site to our exact specifications. We also dismantle and store your exhibit display in our storage facility in Harrison, Ohio or Las Vegas, Nevada. If you can dream it, we can build it to perfection!

services Museums
Custom fabrication and design for exhibitions that educate and inspire are only part of Geograph Industries’ capabilities. We create custom a custom design for exhibitions including interactive displays that withstand the busy hands of curious young visitors and the reverent gaze of those in search of truth, history, and connection – and delight them all.

For private, public, and corporate spaces we create a custom design for exhibitions and personal collections including anything from custom cabinets and interactive displays to dimensional lettering and murals. If you have a small collection of awards or a large collection that showcases years of corporate success and innovation, trust Geograph Industries to a custom design for your exhibition.

services Signage
From small custom signs to large architectural signs for company signage to wayfinding packages for an entire county or giant regional airport, Geograph Industries are the experts for custom sign design and can custom fabricate your project. Our paint, vinyl, silkscreen, and dimensional capabilities enable us to create custom signs that get attention – and stand the test of time and the elements.

From Universities, Hospitals, Amusement Parks, Museums, Company signage and large office buildings, inside and out, we craft a custom sign system that gets visitors where they need to go. We are sign design experts, specializing in all types of directional sign design, maps, and directories – with full ADA compliance.

We don’t just create custom signs; we are also experts at sign installation. Whether it’s at the top of hill, side of a waterslide, an overpass or on a high rise, we can secure and display your custom signs for all to see.

services Branding
Looking for the perfect partner to create a workspace that reflects your corporate brand or your organization’s mission? Look to Geograph Industries for custom company signage and displays that immerse visitors in your brand and remind employees of corporate goals and values. We design company signage that is colorful and durable both inside and out.

For public spaces, we create the perfect point-of-sale displays, restaurant and store branding, and sign design. From wayfinding to exterior signs, your brand is reflected in company signage and displays throughout the space, creating immediate recognition.